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Litigation arising from employee misconduct costs employers billions of dollars annually. Increasingly, lawsuits are focused on the quality of the workplace undercover investigation.

Don't just get the facts. Understand them.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. goes beyond solving problems, so you know why things happen, not just that they happened.

Its seasoned team of professional corporate investigators have the experience and unique skill to conduct effective investigations and Evidence-Based Interviews that will produce objective results and withstand scrutiny. read more >>

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. provides a broad range of specialized investigative and risk management consulting services that are designed to solve complex business problems while minimizing exposure. The investigation firm is headquartered in California, and has strategic resources on the ground throughout North America and abroad.

Don't just get the facts. Understand them. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. goes beyond solving problems and providing answers, so you know why things happen, not just that they happened.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is a licensed investigation firm that operates throughout North America and abroad. Over the years, we have developed various proprietary employee interview strategies that produce effective and objective results, while withstanding scrutiny, so the people in the jury room don’t spend your company’s money.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. has enabled employers to strategically maneuver through the risks resulting from employee misconduct, commercial crimes and other challenges encountered in today’s business environment. [^]

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Our experienced undercover investigators are able to effectively assist clients in identifying, stopping and preventing theft as well as a host of other forms of employee misconduct and crimes against the organization. Our expertise in
investigations and evidence-based interviews enables our professionals to assist you in resolving complex issues including theft, substance abuse and other forms of misconduct. As a leading investigation and risk mitigation consulting firm, Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is committed to providing long-term solutions with uncompromising integrity, quality, and value ...learn more [^] read more»
Seasoned research analysts enables lawyers, business executives and banking professionals to make informed decisions about the people and companies with whom they do business. Our wide range of investigative due
diligence and information gathering services help mitigate the inherent risks in today’s business climate. Our research can be suited to aid you in transactions relating to acquisitions and mergers, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity and other investments via comprehensive due diligence. We can locate assets, witnesses, and evasive defendants for process service ...learn more [^] read more»
Diversified Protection offers its clients an extensive range of physical and operational security services that are designed to ensure their safety and of their families including their employees and assets. We protect executives and their
employees, dignitaries, celebrities, lawyers and defendants, and other high-profile individuals. We offer both armed and unarmed security professionals including uniformed or plain-clothes personnel. Diversified Protection’s services encompass security at places of worship, in the workplace (for hostile employee terminations and labor disputes) and executive protection when threats of violence in the workplace occur ...learn more [^] read more»
Fraud and embezzlement are some of the most complex and challenging matters facing employers. Internal and external financial crimes, misappropriated assets, kickback schemes and accounting irregularities are serious risks facing
publically held and privately owned companies as well as nonprofit organizations. White-collar crimes are predominantly internal problems that surface due to many factors. Diversified’ s forensic accountants, investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners and skilled research analysts can identify the salient issues, develop pertinent facts, and locate and interview the people with key information. , technology experts, forensic accountants ...learn more [^] read more»
Diversified Forensics is an industry-leader in electronic evidence collection, analysis and preservation. We recover, investigate, analyze, produce and present electronically stored information in a timely and cost-effective manner.
In addition to investigative forensic services, we offer data restoration and expert witness services. Clients and their lawyers rely on Diversified Forensics expertise and ranges of capabilities to help meet their litigation objectives and bring immediate resolution of their disputes. ...learn more [^] read more»

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Why choose DRM?

Our approach is designed to meet your objectives, provide actionable evidence and present clear and concise facts. Our proprietary interviewing techniques yield high success rates for obtaining voluntary admissions and solving complex cases that produce tangible results.

With our services you receive an instant solution to your workplace and business problems, access to information to make well informed decisions and savings on costs by employing innovative technologies and techniques.

Basing decisions on inaccurate information can potentially compromise your company’s strategic direction and eventually its continued existence. Incomplete and unreliable efforts will fail to identify risks and present unnecessary legal challenges and costly expenses.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc.’s capabilities are unparalleled in the private investigation industry. We have a longstanding reputation for thoroughness, discretion and a clear understanding of labor and employment related matters.

Our firm offers a broad range of specialized risk management and investigation services that are designed to control loss and minimize exposure by providing innovative and strategic business solutions.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. assists corporations, non-profit organizations and law firms in identifying, mitigating, and responding to risks through a comprehensive and integrated suite of professional service offerings.

Simply put, we arm you with The Power of Intelligent Information sm

Who We Are

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is a full service investigation and security consulting firm, licensed by the California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services that operates throughout North America and abroad.

Global Network

The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles County, California and has investigative and security strategic resources on the ground throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.


Our firm assists law firms, corporations, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals in identifying, responding, and mitigating risk through a comprehensive suite of professional service offerings that are designed to meet stringent objectives that produce measurable results and offer effective solutions.

Business Groups

DRM’s services are developed, marketed, and delivered by ten specialized core business groups. These services are composed of the following specialized business groups:

  • Investigations and Physical Security Consulting
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations and Witness Interviews
  • Cellular Telephone, PDA and Computer Forensics
  • Litigation Support, Asset Searches and Service of Process
  • Employment Background Screening, Drug Testing and Physicals
  • Onsite and e-Learning Training for Employees
  • Violence in the Workplace, Theft and Substance Abuse Investigations
  • Physical Security, Armed and Un-armed Executive Protection Services
  • Covert Surveillance, Closed-circuit Television Security Systems and Bug-Sweeping (TSCM)


We employ both full-time and part-time employees and have a global network of contractors and consultants. Our seasoned professionals have backgrounds in a wide array of disciplines: forensic accounting, computer forensics, corporate security, data recovery, intelligence-gathering, law enforcement, military special operations, and security engineering, management and human resources consulting.

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