Employee Training

Employee Training: A Sound Investment

By Luis Delgado

When employers think about investing their money, they often consider upgrading computers or buying new equipment.  These may have short term benefits such as improving employee morale or being aesthetically pleasing, but they’re nothing compared with wisely investing in your employees’ professional growth.  Providing ongoing training increases their professional knowledge, confidence, and leads to further company growth.  Confident employees perform at their optimum, requiring less supervision.

Investing in your organization’s growth is vital in today’s competitive business climate.  When employers provide first-rate training, word spreads fast.  Emerging industries like Information Technology are in constant competition to stay on the cutting edge; providing proper training ensures marketability of the product line and continued growth of brand identity.   Additionally, a strong employee training program is a beacon to new college graduates, promising them the training necessary to advance though entry-level positions and move into corporate management at a faster pace than other competing companies.  That kind of word of mouth advertising is a recruiter’s dream!

Most employees don’t want to be babysat.  However, without training, their work must be reviewed and re-reviewed ad nauseam.   Management can feel confident in the work their employees produce in the context of implementing a training program.  Training gives employees the confidence to stand by their work, and to evoke confidence when speaking with important clients.  In effect, a strong training program creates a haven for employees, a regimen of professional self-improvement and continued growth within your organization.  

Your ongoing training programs should include everything from industry-related developments, negotiation skills, legal changes applicable to your profession, and specialized training on sexual harassment and violence in the workplace awareness and prevention.  

Aside from being legally mandated in many states including California, sexual harassment awareness training will equip employees with knowledge that will keep them out of trouble and their employers out of the courtroom.

Employee training programs have many benefits.  A marketing consultant can greatly improve the effectiveness of employees who are responsible for business development at tradeshows.  This will obviously help increase the chances of signing up new customers that will ultimately contribute financially to your organization’s bottom line.

Correspondingly, hiring a qualified speaker to teach your employees about substance abuse awareness will educate employees on the legal ramifications for using, possessing or selling illicit drugs in the workplace and would enhance, explain and reinforce your company’s policy.  This knowledge will, in turn, help reduce substance abuse in the workplace and all of the problems associated with marijuana, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine abuse.  No employer wants employees dealing drugs at work or stealing company property to support drug habits, not to mention the injuries and accidents caused by employees working under the influence of narcotics.  Problems such as these create babysitting nightmares for the Human Resources department, not to mention the costs associated with lawsuits, lost time and settlements if substance abuse related injuries occur on company time and property.    

The bottom line…investing in your employees is an investment in your company’s future.  Training and experience will separate your organization from your competitors and demonstrate your level of professionalism.  Visit our preferred employee training company Compliance Training Group for complete information.

Education is a lifelong process; don’t count on your employees “winging it” and reaching the highest levels of achievement without a comprehensive training program to make your business a safer, more profitable and enjoyable place to work.

About the Author:

Luis Delgado is a Corporate Investigator with the investigation of Diversified Risk Management Inc., a full-service corporate investigation and risk mitigation consulting firm located in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Delgado is also senior trainer for Compliance Training Group, a division ofEmployers Choice Online, Inc. For more information you are invited to visit our website at www.DiversifiedRiskManagement.com or call us at (800) 810-9508.