Diversified Risk Management, Inc. Announces Merger With Allied Management Resources, Inc.

July 1, 2005

Los Angeles, CA

DRM and AMR have merged to become a greater powerhouse in the field of corporate investigations. The two private investigation firms which share in the common goals of assisting organizations in reducing risk, increasing profits, and improving morale are now merged as DRM, offering superior investigative services.

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. (DRM) is a licensed corporate investigation firm headquartered in Downey, California. Its founder Patricia A. Kotze is pleased to announce its merger with Allied Management Resources, Inc. (AMR). AMR is a boutique, nationwide corporate investigation firm specializing in employment workplace investigations and solely owned by Kent Perkins for the past 20 years.

AMR’s clients include many of the world’s largest and most prestigious corporations, law firms, non-profit organizations, sovereign governments, high net-worth individuals, and celebrities. The merger forms a powerful tool in identifying, preventing, mitigating, and responding to risks through a comprehensive and integrated suite of professional services.

As of July 1, 2005, both operate under the name Diversified Risk Management, Inc.

DRM continues to lead in the forefront of corporate investigations and operates its divisions: (Employment Background Screening & Drug Testing Division) and Compliance Training Group (Human Resources Training and Consulting Division). Combining talent and resources, DRM provides an unsurpassed level of service and attention with innovation and uncompromising integrity.

DRM assists employers and labor counsel in identifying, preventing, mitigating and responding to risks through a comprehensive and integrated suite of professional services. DRM, Inc. specializes in solving complex business problems, increasing profits, reducing risk and improving morale while being committed to providing long term solutions with uncompromising quality and value.

Today, the firm's business services are organized into ten specialized practice groups: Undercover Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Human Resources Training and Consulting, Employment Background Screening / Drug Testing, and Physical Security Systems, Security Services, Forensic Accounting, Litigation Consulting, Electronic Evidence / Data Recovery, and Business Intelligence Investigations. These ten business groups enable DRM. to provide clients with comprehensive, single source, risk consulting and investigation services.

DRM is an innovative investigation firm and is licensed where necessary as required by state law, with extensive experience in responding to a broad spectrum of workplace and employee related issues, primarily theft, fraud,substance abuse, sexual harassment, workplace violence and criminal activities in the workplace.

The firm’s seasoned professionals are carefully selected and recruited from leading management consulting companies, prestigious universities, US military forces, and Federal agencies. DRM also maintains a professional alliance with highly trained investigators, security specialists, and other strategic resources on the ground throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia who can respond 24/7.

DRM will continue its expansion throughout the world with careful acquisitions and mergers as it builds upon the goal of being the world’s foremost leading risk consulting and investigation firm. DRM is recognized as a revolutionary investigation firm, dedicated to excellence, integrity and innovation, while proving measurable results and solutions with uncompromising integrity, quality, and value to their global clients.

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