Wetip Release

Diversified Risk Management, Inc. Forms Partnership with WeTip, a Pioneer in Hotline Reporting Services

September 1, 2005

Los Angeles, CA

WeTip, Inc. the anonymous employee fraud and abuse hotline endorsed by Diversified Risk Management, Inc. (DRM), is pleased to announce their partnership with WeTip, Inc. WeTip, Inc. is a anonymous reporting hotline for all levels of employees to report any criminal, threatening, or suspicious activities without fear or reprisal. In addition to DRM's problem solving and investigative services, this partnership will also bring enhanced hotline services to DRM's clients. Those clients will be able to offer their employees a tool where they can participate in helping to make their workplace safer and more effective while remaining anonymous.

On September 1, 2005, DRM will start offering their client's access to WeTip services. Clients will be pleased with WeTip's extensive employee hotline experience, skilled personnel and advanced call center to improve the ability to address critical workplace issues in an efficient and timely manner.

WeTip's service offerings will include bilingual interview capabilities, immediate report dissemination, critical issue escalation and enhanced telecommunications capabilities 24/7/365. Beyond these services, WeTip will make other products and services available through this partnership, including hotlines to address issues such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, employee fair treatment, theft and fraud, and also claims and crisis reporting. They will also offer DRM's clients hotline support that includes tools for program introduction, compliance documentation and ongoing communication.

WeTip is sponsored by DRM, an organization with several thousand clients in over 40 US States dedicated to reducing workplace theft, white-collar crime,substance abuse and other forms of crimes against the businesses through investigation, prevention and education. In fact, DRM stressed the importance of employee hotlines in their quarterly newsletter. They concluded, most financial fraud is uncovered as a result of anonymous tips and complaints from other employees. To deter and detect fraud and abuse, many experts believe an employee anonymous hotline is the single most cost-effective measure. With WeTip's commitment to helping employers reduce liability, risks and prevent crime in the workplace.

With over 30 years of experience in employee communications and call center operations, WeTip combines cutting-edge technology, experience and efficient systems for data collection and reporting to help companies identify unethical, illegal or suspicious activity in the workplace before it escalates. Working together, these two companies form a powerful alliance to offer DRM clients the most effective and reliable system available for gathering critical employee feedback and maintaining safe, and healthy workplace.

DRM's Managing Partner and Senior Investigator George Ramos says, "We are pleased to partner with WeTip and we are confident this partnership will provide even greater service and support than our clients have received in the past, gathering employee feedback and identifying incidents has become more important than ever to companies." Patricia Kotze, Managing Partner explained "We are extremely excited about our Partnership with WeTipbecause it affords us the opportunity to offer our clients the tools and support necessary to immediately uncover serious issues and take appropriate action. We also look forward to introducing clients to new hotline programs and other service enhancements in the months to come."


WeTip, Inc. provides a toll-free number used to anonymously report fraud,theft, substance abuse, harassment and other forms of employee misconduct. Companies subscribe to WeTip in order to provide employees with someone to call if they suspect unethical or illegal activity. For over 30 years, WeTip has built a solid reputation as a premier provider of anonymous employee communications. Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaWeTip truly pioneered a unique approach that combines the gathering of employee feedback through an anonymous, risk-free hotline with a complete program for hotline implementation that includes tools for education and awareness, program documentation and ongoing communication. WeTip has helped hundreds of the world's largest and most successful organizations to effectively utilize employee feedback to identify critical issues that impact the organization. WeTip is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by highly skilled personnel and trained professionals. When an employee of a subscriber company calls, he or she is asked to describe the nature of the suspected problem. From there, WeTip promptly relays the information to the designated persona at the company, who then decides what action is necessary. Visit www.WeTip.com or call Sue Mandell at (909) 987-5005 ext. 250 to learn about WeTip, Inc.

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