Driving Profitability by Managing Your Inventory

How might you answer the following question – On your balance sheet, what typically represents at least 20% of your company’s assets? If you answered “your inventory”, you’re spot on. Inventory as a percentage of your balance sheet can reach as high as 60%. So as the owner/ manager of your manufacturing company, where better […]

Pennsylvania Bill aims to Prevent Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace represents a real threat to employees across the U.S. Recently, a man walked into a FedEx shipping facility in Bedford Park, Illinois and fired his gun several times before killing himself. The gunman, Ben Robinson, was a former FedEx employee. His wife is a current FedEx employee at the Bedford Park […]

Salvia Divinorum is a New Legal Drug Similar to Marijuana

The New, New Drug – and its Legal! The rising cost of workplace substance abuse may seem unfair to most employers, but ignoring the  problem will cost you a lot more when it has a negative impact on employee safety, health, productivity, morale, security and well-being. Move over cocaine, marijuana, beer, methamphetamines and prescription drugs – salvia […]

Ensuring Ethical Investigators Work On Your Sensitive Cases

Look before you Leap In the Private Investigation field, there are a lot of unique business challenges. There are odd hours, strange requests and plenty of healthy competition with other firms. Rarely do clients sound happy to speak to you, as they are usually dealing with a difficult situation; often it’s an emergency and they […]

The Value of Corporate Investigations: Avoid C Suite Resignations

When a large corporate scandal began to unravel, many professionals in the private investigation field have come to wonder why a proper internal investigation into the phone hacking was never conducted. Had News Corp. done so, they could have potentially avoided public embarrassment and the damage the phone hacking scandal has caused to their brand […]

Pay Now Or Pay More Later: A Thorough Investigation Into Employee Complaints Is Not An Option

Employee complaints must be investigated, and some can’t be ignored, according to the law, such as sexual harassment complaints. No statutes dictate exactly how an employer should conduct an investigation, but unless it’s properly documented and comes to a successful conclusion, you might as well expect a lawsuit. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act […]

Target Lawsuit Shows Importance of Racial Discrimination Investigations

Recently, three Hispanic former employees of Target, one of the nation’s largest retailers filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and retaliation. The complaint alleges that the three employees at a Target distribution center in Woodland, California were fired after they complained about members of management using racial slurs in the workplace. Also mentioned in the […]

Complex Employee Investigations That Protect Your Company

Complex Employee Investigations That Protect Your Company While running a business can be a very positive and rewarding experience, one of the unfortunate realities that will inevitably come up in any company is theft, fraud and other forms of corporate crime. Nearly all businesses, both small and large are affected by this, but contrary to […]