Self-Incrimination vs. File-Encryption: Digital Forensics and the Loss of 5th Amendment Rights

U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn ruled that a defendant in a digital forensics criminal case must turn over the unencrypted contents of her currently encrypted laptop. The defendant, Ramona Fricosu of Colorado, is charged with bank fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and providing false statements to financial institutions in connection with her alleged involvement in […]

Undercover Boss: Where Reality TV Intersects with the Workplace

Undercover Boss, is a reality television series that places the CEO’s or Presidents of businesses in entry-level positions to work alongside unwary lower-level employees.  Usually, the CEO’s of large businesses are so far up the chain of command, they lack exposure to the day-to-day activities of the employees who drive their companies’ profitability. The show, […]

Pain Killers and Heroin in the Workplace

As an employer, how do you know if an employee is taking prescribed pain killers at work and may be addicted? What happens if the prescription for the medication has expired and now the employee is buying illegally obtained medication or even worse, has substituted heroin for the similar effect? In a combined years report […]

“Professional Applicants” are an Emerging Threat to Businesses

By Rory Montez and Patricia Kotze Since the economic downturn of 2007, many Americans have dealt with decreased wages, less chances for pay increases, and being asked by employers to “do more with less.” A recent report from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors indicates under-employment is rampant.  The report includes figures from the Census […]

Internal Affairs: When Situations Demand Investigation

By Rory Montez Employers must ensure safe and productive workplaces. When employees feel that is not the case, they often complain to management. If an employee makes such a complaint, it is your responsibility to perform an investigation to determine the veracity of the claim and, if valid, to ensure a remedy. You must respond […]

The Art of the Investigative Interview: Preparation, Attitude, and Documentation

By Kent Perkins There are three key areas of concern when approaching an employee (as the “Subject”) of an investigative interview: PREPARATION BEFORE CONFRONTATION: Before you conduct any investigative workplace interview, be fully prepared. Understand everything you possibly can about the situation and all the people involved before starting the interview. Do your homework, and […]

Undercover Investigations: The Best Weapon against Crimes at Work

By Kent Perkins In a time of economic strain, the last things any company needs are thieves on the payroll, but statistics show a significant number of employees steal at work. Additionally, the plague of drugs in America’s work force is very real, stripping away a comfortable margin of safety while robbing employers through increased […]

Hide and Go Seek: Outwitting Holders of Hidden Assets

By Kent Perkins With costs of litigation added to losses suffered which gave rise to the initial lawsuit, Plaintiffs can spend “good money after bad” and end up holding only worthless judgment paperwork when unscrupulous Defendants successfully hide money offshore. Sadly, most other countries totally ignore United States judgments and refuse to help creditors attempting […]

PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUNDS: Several things you really must know

By George Ramos You need to hire capable, honest and loyal employees; hiring the best Consumer Reporting Agency (“CRA”) to perform your pre-employment background investigations ensures the best results. A Consumer Report (background investigative report) is furnished by a CRA to an employer for the purpose of assessing a candidate for employment, promotion, reassignment or […]

Vendor Certification: Fraud Prevention Made Easier

By Kent Perkins With how many vendors is your company doing business? Is it ten, twenty, or two-hundred? If you haven‘t already established a Vendor Certification Program, it‘s time you did! Since we began investigating corporate theft and embezzlement more than forty years ago, one of the most prolific and lucrative methods we‘ve found criminal […]