Hide and Go Seek: Outwitting Holders of Hidden Assets

By Kent Perkins With costs of litigation added to losses suffered which gave rise to the initial lawsuit, Plaintiffs can spend “good money after bad” and end up holding only worthless judgment paperwork when unscrupulous Defendants successfully hide money offshore. Sadly, most other countries totally ignore United States judgments and refuse to help creditors attempting […]

Who’s Watching the Security Guards?

by Kent Perkins, P.I. Uniformed guards posted on the receiving and shipping docks of many companies provide security for assets and personnel. That’’s a good thing, because cargo theft costs American companies about $30 billion a year, according to Agent Kevin L. Perkins, Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Investigation Division, when speaking recently […]

When Domestic Violence Spills into the Workplace

By Kent Perkins Dorothy said it best in The Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like home.” But when home becomes a dangerous place, instead of a safe-haven, where does one turn? Abusers and stalkers often feel the need to control their victims’ lives, and find ways to make their frightening presence known wherever their victims […]

Ensuring Ethical Investigators Work On Your Sensitive Cases

Look before you Leap In the Private Investigation field, there are a lot of unique business challenges. There are odd hours, strange requests and plenty of healthy competition with other firms. Rarely do clients sound happy to speak to you, as they are usually dealing with a difficult situation; often it’s an emergency and they […]

Osama Bin Laden’s Computers to be Forensically Reviewed

The team of Navy SEALs that raided Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan stronghold on May 2, 2011 may have also stumbled upon a goldmine of Al Qaeda intelligence.  According to a recent article, the raid that resulted in bin Laden’s death also led to the seizure of several computers, hard drives, electronic equipment and removable media […]