Marijuana Trends 2017 A Visual Guide for Employers

Imagine you’re a supervisor, walking the production floor.  As you pass a group of employees, you overhear two young men conversing: “Yeah, we were dabbing all night, you should have come down.  I picked up some skywalker wax and my buddy brought his new vape, we were so lit.  How about you? We were at […]

Detecting Mortgage Fraud

Financial hard times have hit lending institutions from coast to coast. Under these conditions, in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, they are becoming more vulnerable to a serious threat not often mentioned in the media – – – mortgage fraud. If your firm is involved in mortgage lending, directly or indirectly, it is […]

Internal Affairs: When Situations Demand Investigation

By Rory Montez Employers must ensure safe and productive workplaces. When employees feel that is not the case, they often complain to management. If an employee makes such a complaint, it is your responsibility to perform an investigation to determine the veracity of the claim and, if valid, to ensure a remedy. You must respond […]

The Art of the Investigative Interview: Preparation, Attitude, and Documentation

By Kent Perkins There are three key areas of concern when approaching an employee (as the “Subject”) of an investigative interview: PREPARATION BEFORE CONFRONTATION: Before you conduct any investigative workplace interview, be fully prepared. Understand everything you possibly can about the situation and all the people involved before starting the interview. Do your homework, and […]

Undercover Investigations: The Best Weapon against Crimes at Work

By Kent Perkins In a time of economic strain, the last things any company needs are thieves on the payroll, but statistics show a significant number of employees steal at work. Additionally, the plague of drugs in America’s work force is very real, stripping away a comfortable margin of safety while robbing employers through increased […]

Hide and Go Seek: Outwitting Holders of Hidden Assets

By Kent Perkins With costs of litigation added to losses suffered which gave rise to the initial lawsuit, Plaintiffs can spend “good money after bad” and end up holding only worthless judgment paperwork when unscrupulous Defendants successfully hide money offshore. Sadly, most other countries totally ignore United States judgments and refuse to help creditors attempting […]

PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUNDS: Several things you really must know

By George Ramos You need to hire capable, honest and loyal employees; hiring the best Consumer Reporting Agency (“CRA”) to perform your pre-employment background investigations ensures the best results. A Consumer Report (background investigative report) is furnished by a CRA to an employer for the purpose of assessing a candidate for employment, promotion, reassignment or […]

Congress makes H-P investors nervous

By Jon Markman Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, news, msgs) employees have suffered through one set of bonehead executives after another in recent years and yet have accomplished a stellar and historic turnaround. Now H-P’s revival faces yet another challenge: a high-profile grilling of its executives in Washington, as Congress looks into a harebrained attempt by former Chairman Patricia […]