Complex Employee Investigations That Protect Your Company

Fraud & Complex Employee InvestigationsComplex Employee Investigations That Protect Your Company

While running a business can be a very positive and rewarding experience, one of the unfortunate realities that will inevitably come up in any company is theft, fraud and other forms of corporate crime.

Nearly all businesses, both small and large are affected by this, but contrary to what most people believe, the overwhelming majority are perpetrated not by individuals from outside the company, but rather by the company’s own internal employees.

Putting in place systems designed to prevent such unfortunate situations from occurring, or gathering the necessary evidence to stop the offending culprits, is always a complicated and very delicate process.

If your company is in need of such a system to mitigate workplace crime commited by your employees, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance of a licensed investigation firm who understands all the problems that may be encountered and know exactly how to deal with them.

Diversified Risk Management – Our History

Diversified Risk Management Inc. has been actively involved in numerous high-profile investigations over its existence. From the start, the key to success with our clients has been our superior experience, competence and discretion. We always get the job done cleanly and quietly, and we are immensely experienced, having worked on of thousands of different cases.

What We Deal With – Complex Workplace Investigations

To fully appreciate the importance of our work, it is helpful to understand the common areas of investigations that we typically address.

These include:

  • What is typically called “shrinkage” (workplace theft in all its forms)
  • Employee Crimes and Misconduct (Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Violence)
  • White-Collar Crimes (Fraud and Embezzlement)
  • Corporate Sabotage or Espionage
  • Conflicts of Interest

Our Services

The experienced professionals at DRM Inc. can help resolve such problems quickly and efficiently. Our firm is fully qualified and licensed to perform private investigations, in compliance with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

We have accumulated decades of experience in undercover investigation and security matters, and have conducted thousands of investigations through the years. The services we offer are extensive, but all of them are centered on solving your company’s complex workplace problems.

DRM Inc. protects the integrity of your company by collecting the evidence necessary to stop crimes and misconduct, and if necessary aid in the prosecution of the offending persons. Our services reduce workplace disruptions and shrinkage on your inventory and capital, thereby saving your business substantial time and operating costs.

Every service offered by DRM Inc. is in complete compliance with the law, with all assignments being performed by experts.

Our company has a number of different tools at its disposal which we use to obtain all of the information you require.

These include:

  1. A team composed of bi-lingual, highly trained corporate investigators and former law enforcement professionals,
  2. A special unit dedicated specifically to white collar crimes (fraud and embezzlement), trained in tracing and extracting financial information, helping to uncover kickback schemes,
  3. Undercover investigations, with our agents posing as employees. The usage of undercover techniques has led to the discovery and dismantling of numerous large theft rings. By catching these individuals in the act, we are oftentimes able to recover and return stolen inventory back into your possession.
  4. Computer forensics investigators, specializing in electronic evidence collection, e-Discovery and data analysis.

DRM Inc. is also available to consult on ways in which you can prevent disruptive workplace issues from occurring in the first place. Whether through a sturdy employment screening process (drug and background testing), or a thorough security audit of your workplace to identify potential areas of concern that could be improved upon, pre-emptive action can often save you months or years of frustrating, unknown and costly shrinkage.

Training and Awareness Programs

In addition, DRM Inc. provides compliance and awareness training for your staff and associates in the following areas:

The purpose of our training programs is to provide comprehensive education to the attendees on how to best respond to the conflicting and disruptive workplace environments that they may encounter.

The training services seek to teach your employees to avoid unnecessary risks and behavior, thereby reducing your liability while simultaneously helping to improve overall workplace performance, morale and profitability.

Get Your Free Consultation Today

At DRM Inc., our team of highly trained professionals is there to assist you every step of the way. We are confident that our services can provide your business with the security and protection it needs to function in today’s uncertain business world. For all your workplace investigation needs, or to arrange a free consultation with a member of our team, please call or email us today.

You can also fill out your information on our contact page and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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