Reduce Risk and Ensure Employee Safety with a Security Survey

For most business owners, their biggest concern is employee theft and potential litigation. Both of these have the potential for shutting down a successful business if and when an incident occurs.   Nothing is more important in reducing risks of theft, injury, and minimizing liability and in order to do that, you must control access to your business. Whether it’s a warehouse, office, or manufacturing facility, a savvy business owner needs to understand exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of their physical surroundings are and how to avoid potential problems. For example, business owners need to know exactly which employees have access to certain doors, windows, the security system and keys.

Start by dividing your staff into different groups. Executive and management employees, vendors, service company employees, shipping and receiving personnel, and customers or guests should all have different levels of access to various parts of your facility.

At Diversified Risk Management, we are familiar with a host of issues that affect employers. We offer a service to aid employers in identifying their weak points and helping them shore up before a crafty employee or thief notices vulnerabilities. Our professional security survey and vulnerability reports can help you reduce theft, increase safety and security and make your employees feel that their workplace is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.




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