Sexual Harassment Complaints at State Department Triple under Clinton

The State Department has reported that worker complaints of sexual harassment has nearly tripled since the tenures of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.  Interestingly, despite the explosion in the number of complaints, the State Department does not provide mandatory sexual harassment training to all employees.  The report, “Inspection of the Office of Civil Rights” was released last week by the Office of Inspector General.

Spokesman John Kirby spoke on behalf of the State Department and explained  “[there is] nothing that Secretary Kerry takes more seriously than making sure that everybody here at the State Department is treated with dignity and respect, and he has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, sexual or otherwise.”

The report states that “In FY 2014, S/OCR data showed 332 informal complaints initiated, 130 formal complaints filed, and 218 formal complaints open at the end of the reporting period. From FY 2013 to FY 2014, S/OCR’s timeliness for processing informal case closures increased by 8 percent. Settlements through alternate dispute resolution (ADR) and counseling increased by 4 percent over the time period, and cases where no formal complaint was filed increased by 11 percent.”
You can read the report here:
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