Diversified Forensics

Diversified Forensics

Computer Forensics Specialists

Diversified ForensicsDiversified Forensics is a licensed private investigation firm that specializes in conducting computer forensics and investigations for our clients in employment, criminal and civil matters.Diversified Forensics specializes in examining, preserving, recovering, and analyzing data from a variety of electronic devices and storage media.

Diversified Forensics is the technology services division of Diversified Risk Management, specializing in digital evidence collection, forensic analysis, data recovery and preservation, in addition to providing expert witness services.

Our forensic examiners use the most sophisticated forensic tools available. When these are combined with years of expertise and strong methodology, we can recover deleted files and retrace the activity of users across a myriad of media devices.

As a division of a licensed investigation firm, we have the experience necessary to competently and thoroughly conduct investigations concerning criminal, civil and employment related matters throughout North America and abroad. We have worked on countless complex cases involving the recovery and analysis of electronic data and provided expert testimony on numerous occasions. Visit Diversified Forensics to learn more about our services.