WeTip Corporate Services

logo-wetipAs the "grandfather" program of anonymous informant lines, WeTip has a long history of providing law enforcement with an innovative solution to problems associated with witness protection and anonymity. Our mission is to be the most effective crime reporting hotline in the country. Since 1972, WeTip has continually operated an efficient intelligence retrieval network with a volunteer Board of Directors. Composing the WeTip Board is a wide spectrum of criminal justice representatives, DAs, police, sheriffs, fire, IRS, US Postal Inspection Service, television stations, corporations and insurance companies.

Proven Success:
WeTip operates the "800" toll-free lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by trained operators who are able to field calls in English and Spanish and with a TDY machine for the hearing-impaired. Since its inception, WeTip, serving the entire United States, has assisted law enforcement with these impressive statistics:

  • 421,572 Tips
  • 14,786 Arrests
  • 7,515 Convictions
  • $ 314,235,229 Drug Seizures
  • $16,617,750 Stolen Property Recovered
  • $ 6,684,889 Cash Seized
  • $ 828,018 Rewards Paid Out

The WeTip Keys to Success: WeTip's success can be attributed to the following key factors:

  1. Assurance of complete anonymity, not just confidentiality,
  2. Trained professional interviewers,
  3. Easy toll-free access to the "800" hotline,
  4. A reward incentive: For individuals providing information leading to criminal convictions or suitable disposition of culpability and satisfactory adjudication which encourages greater participation and quality leads,
  5. A reward distribution network: through which citizens eligible for rewards retain their anonymity and receive their funds discretely through code name and number identification with Postmasters at US Post Offices nationwide,
  6. Targeted promotion of the Hotline: purpose and use of the hotline through multi-media campaigns,
  7. Liaison with law enforcement authorities,
  8. A network of experienced individuals: the broad experience of criminal justice professionals and other concerned individuals in the network.


The WeTip Crime Hotline For Property And Violent Crimes Against Your Company

The WeTip anonymous crime hotline provides a safe and anonymous method for employees of your company to give tip information regarding vandalism, arson, and graffiti without fearing reprisal from the person they are turning in. The WeTip hotline also encourages customers to be alert and recognize threatening situations against all of your company employees and report any and all incidences in which your company employee is injured or harmed.

Loss Prevention professionals know the benefits of an anonymous hotline with a reward incentive, to help reduce loss associate with theft in the workplace. Occupational safety standards in many states require “A system for communicating with employees about workplace security hazards, including a means that all employees can use to inform the employer of security hazards at the worksite without fear of reprisal.”

Corporate Employee Communication Hotline
The WeTip program has been successfully utilized in private industry. WeTip has for the last several years used the extensive infrastructure that is in place to accommodate the needs of insurance companies, retail stores, factories, public transportation companies, and many other businesses across the country. The purpose of the program is to help open a line of better communication between the employer and employee.

Recent Federal law (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act) will require corporations to have an anonymous means for employees to report concerns about questionable accounting or auditing matters. In addition the Division of Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Workplace Security highly recommends that businesses have “A system for communicating with employees about workplace security hazards, including a means that employees can use to inform the employer of security hazards at the work-site without fear of reprisal.” The ever-growing problem of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and the immensely costly problem of internal theft can harm not only profitability but also workplace morale. The Communication Hotline has been used successfully to increase communication about many significant workplace issues. This program is not touted as a “snitch” line but more noteworthy as an instrumental piece of an effective “open door” communication policy.

Reducing Your Exposure:
The hotlines focus is to report concerns such as sexual harassment, internal theft, occupational safety, workers' compensation fraud, general harassment, age, sex or race discrimination, and unsafe working conditions. The willingness of a business to set up a means of communication whereby the employees have available to them a conduit of communication is a very positive step.

Court cases can be sighted that have relieved large companies of liability in cases, because the company had a means whereby employees could call to report such actions while remaining completely anonymous. There is a positive message of caring sent to your employees. This coupled with the deterrent effect of having this communicative tool is a win-win situation.

Open Door Policy:
Possibly the most important aspect of setting up a communications hotline is the image of caring that is created from the employer to the employee. An open door policy, where employees feel that they have a way to be heard and the positive image that this creates is truly worth the investment.

Program Implementation:
WeTip will work with your company as part of an annual agreement to supply comprehensive promotional material that will target the concerns of your company Human Resources and Security personnel. WeTip will receive tips 24 hours a day 7 days a week at our National Headquarters in Southern California. WeTip will work in unison with your company to liaison information in a timely manner to Human Resources and/or Security as well as local law enforcement in the jurisdiction of a major crime.

Get in touch with our 24/7 support team regarding any issues you may have. If you would like to report a crime, please use the Anonymous Submit A Tip form, Please do not submit your tip here, it will be disregarded due to lack of anonymity. Once tips have been submitted they can NOT be recalled if you'd like to add more info to a tip you have already submitted, please call us at 1-800-78-CRIME.