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Employee Workplace Investigations

Who Should Conduct Your Employee Workplace Investigation?

Investigation firms that truly specialize in workplace investigations are few and far between. As of May 2004, there were approximately 9,952 licensed investigators in California and it’s estimated that only 10% of these investigators have experience in conducting workplace investigations.  We understand the sensitive legal issues involved in handling a situation that could potentially result in some form of litigation and recommend all our clients to retain a qualified Employment Law attorney.  Many of our clients are employment law attorneys who seek to protect their clients by hiring a licensed private investigator to handle their employee workplace investigations. 

Did  you know?  

  • An employee terminated for misconduct may be able to challenge the validity of the investigation that was not conducted by a licensed private investigator.

  • If an attorney  performs the investigation and is also advising the employer as to what decisions or actions to take as a result of the investigation, the attorney may be forced to testify about privileged matters.

  • Most private investigators do not have the experience or understand the sensitive legal issues involved in dealing with a situation that could result in litigation

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Employee Workplace Investigations

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