Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics investigations are handled by our division Diversified Forensics.

diversified-forensicsYou or your organization could potentially suffer loss through a wide range of computer abuses, including workplace theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, destruction of intellectual property, and fraud.

Today's workplace investigations must encompass the technologies residing in modern offices. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. offers many computer forensic techniques to identify data in a laptop or computer system, recover deleted, encrypted or damaged files, track internet/network log files, detect unauthorized file copying/transmission, and search and recover emails.

Computer Forensics Tasks


  • Collection of data for evidentiary or verification purposes
  • Computer files analysis
  • Email tracking and recovery
  • Detect and prevent intellectual property theft
  • Investigation of illegal, inappropriate or threatening e-mail communications
  • Recovery of lost or deleted data
  • Detect sale & distribution of illegal products or merchandise via internet marketing

Diversified Forensics' computer forensic techniques have been invaluable in uncovering and providing the evidence you can use in litigation support during the discovery phase, depositions, and actual litigation.

Whether your case involves espionage, embezzlement, pornography, violations of company policy or a variety of other civil and criminal matters from general misconduct workplace investigations to theft of proprietary information, utilizing computer forensics can contribute to your success in finding out the truth.

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