Interviews & Fact Findings

Specialized Investigative Interviews

investigative interviews"Specialized Investigative Interviews Are Our Hallmark."

As an employer, you need a solid basis for taking action and defending yourself against claims of inaction and unfair treatment. The objective of a workplace investigation is to procure reliable facts so you can make an informed decision.  Investigative interviews in the workplace are one technique we use.

We investigate misconduct such as workplace substance abuse, fraud, sexual harassment, workplace theft and/or criminal activities to determine the true nature and scope of the problem, should one be present. We tie all the various facts and documents together and show what it all represents.

Interview Objectives:

  1. Report upon any forms of related employee misconduct, or crimes against the employees and the organization.
  2. Gather all information concerning the alleged or suspected problem in a way that allows management to enforce its policies and carry out appropriate corrective action.
  3. Perform the fact-finding process without being disruptive to the company, its operations, or employee morale.
  4. Structure the process to reduce liability, improve morale and increase profits.

After the information-gathering and fact-finding phase of the workplace investigation, we perform bilingual, Spanish/English interviews of selected individuals. These individuals should have firsthand knowledge about alleged misconduct.

Through the skillful application of interview techniques, our professionals have an unprecedented success rate in obtaining admissions without coercion, threats, or promises of leniency.

In most circumstances we obtain written, verbal, and tape-recorded statements from those interviewed. All information is cross-referenced with the information developed from other employee interviews, verifying and confirming results where possible. This method provides a complete picture of the employees and others involved so employers receive a complete, comprehensive workplace investigation.

These very Specialized Investigative Interviews will take approximately 1 to 3 hours each in duration to complete, unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. The lengths of the interviews are determined by the level of cooperation of the employee and volume of pertinent information provided by those interviewed.

We make no recommendations regarding discipline. However, the results of the investigation and subsequent interviews are provided in a detailed summary and a final report in order to assist you and your counsel with your decision-making process.