Workplace Comp Investigations

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigations (AOE/COE Investigations)

workers compensation fraud investigationEmployers, claims adjusters, third party administrators, and self-insurers use our workers compensation fraud investigation services to assist in identifying and proving fraudulent claims. Our detailed reports are easy to read, and accurately reflect our professional effort and surveillance results. Our AOE/COE investigators are highly skilled and able to conduct subrosa, activity checks, and other types of investigation to successfully conclude these matters.

Our investigators can legally conduct covert physical surveillance nationwide, any time, in virtually any type of environment. Using cutting-edge technology such as night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS, wireless video-recording systems and other electronics, we can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential to proving criminal Workers’ Compensation fraud.

Your assigned investigator will video-record suspected workers’ compensation fraud activity as it occurs, in a non-intrusive manner that protects even the suspect’s legal rights to privacy. We gather necessary evidence to offer remedies that may include both criminal and civil action, and present it to you, your insurer and your legal counsel in a most usable, accurate and succinct format.

When conducting covert surveillance investigation, Diversified Risk Management, Inc. investigators pay special attention to all workers' comp state and federal statutory restrictions, carefully avoiding invasion of privacy issues, while protecting you from claims of private sector liability for unlawful surveillance (civil & criminal liability). Our innovative, strictly legal methods have allowed many clients to obtain restitution for their losses, which, in a growing number of cases, has even included full reimbursement of the cost of our investigation.

Performing interviews relating to “Arising Out of Employment, or in the Course of Employment” investigations (AOE/COE) is a critical phase of the claims process. Oftentimes, retaining an outside third party investigative firm to obtain witness and suspect statements makes good sense economically, leads to successful defense of claims, and greatly enhances your chances of successful prosecution of malingerers.

Putting offenders in jail has a very strong deterrent effect with other workers who might otherwise have contemplated making fake claims of work-related injury.

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