Workplace Diversity

Understanding and Managing a Diverse Workforce

For Management supervisors and Employees

All employees, especially those in management, or those identified as needing a familiarity with workplace diversity.

The workplace is rapidly changing. The marketplace is steadily changing as well; we see it all around us. Designed for managers, supervisors, and employees, this curriculum explores diversity in your organization by providing a safe training environment. This environment is a forum in which to discuss your experiences (your own diversity), attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and values concerning such topics as race, gender, ethnicity, culture, language, and background. The workshop starts with an exploration of your own diversity and continues with the diversity of others who work in your organization. The intent of the curriculum is to promote a more inclusive work environment. Please note the curriculum is both awareness and skill-based and promotes teamwork. Participants will develop a diversity "tool or skill kit." A combination of lecture, individual assessment, group activity and discussion, and video case work can employed, time permitting to make this a highly-interactive workshop.

At the end of the curriculum, participants will understand what they did not understand before and take advantage of new opportunities in the work place and marketplace. Participants will take personal responsibility for their own actions and be able to create a more inclusive work environment and be able to effectively manage incidents before they occur.

Training Profile

Highly interactive, involving small group discussions and using MS PowerPoint, case studies and use of videos (optional), this module provides a review of workplace diversity. This module will also address many of the common myths and misconceptions about workplace diversity in order to focus the attention for the participants on the real nature of the problem. The topics are all geared towards stimulating meaningful discussions, and critical thinking.

A diverse workforce is a business imperative for companies that want to compete effectively in the 21st century.

Length: 2-4 Hours (Depending on clients needs.)

Workplace Diversity

Analyze the development and scope of workplace diversity.

Defining, Identifying and Understanding Diversity in the Workplace

Myths vs. Facts – Separate the facts from the assumptions about workplace diversity.
Review the major categories of workplace diversity.

Legal Obligations to the Employer

Recognize the benefits of cultural diversity to a modern-day workforce.
Describe the managerial role in adapting a workforce to a changing global workplace.
Provide leadership based on individual strengths and needs to promote a workplace at optimal efficiency.
Identify the negative effects of cultural stereotypes on the individual and the organization.

Preventing Workplace Discrimination

  • Steps to realizing a culturally diverse workplace include:
  • Treating people as individuals
  • Promoting awareness and sensitivity of cultural issues
  • Leading based on individuality
  • Creating a positive environment conducive to individual contribution and excellence
  • Personal safety tips
  • Individual differences and unique abilities are resources that can give competitive strength to a company
  • The company is committed to making diversity one of its strengths and to establishing an environment where all employees feel valued